The search for the best handlebar bag. (My not finished post)

Here is something I really want to talk about. For me the most important bag on a trekking bicycle is by far the most important bag on you bike. Al other bags on your bicycle are just big sacks which contain clothing, camping gear and whatnot. The handlebar bag on the other side contains the... Continue Reading →

Flat tire on my Brompton

When I took my Brompton out for a spin yesterday I noticed that my rear tire was flat. Well that is not really something to worry about. I have had many over the years but this was the first one on my Brompton. Quickly watching a Youtube tutorial I was convinced that I could quickly... Continue Reading →

Bone conduction

Since 7 weeks my favorite gym, RoCycle in Utrecht is closed due to the Corona crisis. We where attending spinning classes about 3 times a week. To compensate for missing this exercise I have started running and cycling a lot more. It is advised to do this alone so that’s what I do. For me... Continue Reading →

Brompton, the longer story

Since April I am a proud owner of an Orange Brompton type M1L. I have used it for more then a month right now and decided to detail my experience so far. Parked at my office The bike Before I bought this bike a read many reviews on the internetz, many reviewers say that the... Continue Reading →

Small bike on a Sunday

Even though we are asked to stay indoors as much as possible, I really need to go out to stretch my legs. In the Netherlands we call it “uitwaaien”. Just to empty my head and move my legs. Since I am addicted to my Apple Watch I also need to close my rings, but this... Continue Reading →


In the Netherlands there are routes called LF-routes. This are long distance cycling routes. I got creative and have made the following graphic representation of these routes. Everything is drawn in vector graphics so that in the near future I can print it of at a large size without losing quality.

Small getaway in corona times

While sitting at home we decided to take a short break and we have rented a small cabin on the "Hoge veluwe" for a long weekend, to avoid going insane in self-isolation. Utrechtse Heuvelrug We rented a small cottage in Otterlo with a sauna and decided to take a cycling trip there to test the... Continue Reading →

Something in the oven

Yes in the coming weeks our family is expanding. Two additions will join our household. For now it’s waiting ..... His Hers One for trekking and one for the commute.

Yeay 2020 is decided

What are we going to do in 2020, winter is leaving and we are getting ready. This year we will cycle "Ronde van Nederland" There is a small challenge because the "afsluitdijk" is closed for maintenance in the coming two years. Funny since afsluitdijk actually means closed-dike. There are two alternatives. One is go island... Continue Reading →

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